EXSS is a new Triathlon Event Management Posse that specializes in new, fun and innovative races. Triathlon is a changing landscape and we have to change and be the change-makers to new and interesting styles of races. That is where EXSS was born.


Our first race was a set of three short super sprint draft legal races that age group and elite triathletes could race. After great success and a massive learning curve, we then turned that into a three race series. The first ever EXSS Super Sprint Draft Legal Series in Australia for age group and elite triathletes. We are now into our third year and we are still innovating the races and series each year. 


We then turned our hand to Duathlons that had been in the same format for untold years of 

run-bike-run and changed that to our ethos of “more transitions are better” and created the EXSS Duathlon of 

run / bike / run / bike / run. The change of format was made for a totally different style of race and certainly made all athletes feel they had done a lot, even though the distance was the same. We are now running a 3 race series involving both formats of racing. We have also been given the honour of being the Triathlon Australia World Qualifying Race for Duathlons in Western Australia.


Our latest race is the EXSS X-TRI which is an off road triathlon.  With the help of the Shire of Mundaring  we have a fantastic multi-lap course at the beautiful Lake Leschenaultia that keeps spectators and athletes looking forward to more adventure. With it being only a very short drive from the centre of Perth, it makes it the most accessible off road triathlon in WA.  It has now been asked by Triathlon Australia to be a World Qualifying Event in Cross Triathlon. 


EXSS has a couple of simple philosophies that we like to follow:

- build it and they will come

- always put the triathlete first 

- always be innovative in the style of race we want to put on

- always have fun running and being a part of the race

- always consult the triathlete