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It’s a chance to prove you are one of the most well rounded, multisport athletes in WA and Australia by competing in up to 7 of the races put on by the Exceed Triathlon Club and Team XTR Tri Club for the Summer 21/22 season.


The EXSS Series is a 3 race series put on by the Exceed Triathlon Club. 

The City of Joondalup Triathlon Series is a 4 race series put on by Team XTR Tri Club.

Combined, the two series of 7 races, makes it the toughest and ONLY Multisport combination of races in Australia, called the ULTIMATE X CHALLENGE.


How did it come about?


Team XTR and Exceed Tri Club were debating on how there is no hard challenges anymore, what actually makes a hard athlete and how hard it would be to do all the different multisport events in a series. It was obvious that both the XTR series and the Exceed series combined would be the Ultimate Challenge. The X was the obvious inclusion.

ULTIMATE X CHALLENGE   was born…     


How can you be a part of the challenge?


Compete in both the EXSS Series and the City of Joondalup Tri Series for the 21/22 Summer season. That includes duathlon, triathlon, aquathon and off-road triathlon over many different distances. 

7 races and a real test of how versatile an athlete you are.


Which races do you have to compete in?


5 or more of any of the 7 races below.


7 races awards you ULTIMATE X CHALLENGE Gold Status

6 races awards you ULTIMATE X CHALLENGE Challenge Silver Status

5 races awards you ULTIMATE X CHALLENGE Bronze Status


  • EXSS Sprint Duathlon,24 October 2021

  • EXSS Sprint Triathlon, 21 November 2021

  • City of Joondalup Coastal Quest Triathlon, 12 December 2021

  • Nodes Quest Aquathon, 30 January 2022

  • EXSS X-TRI Off Road Triathlon, 20 February 2022

  • Joondalup Autumn Classic Aquathon, 7 March 2022

  • City of Joondalup Mullaloo Triathlon, 27 March 2022


Is it hard to complete?


We hope so. It is time to challenge yourself and commit to something that will be a tough series to complete. It is not about where you come, just about if you can do all the different types of multisport events.


How much does it cost to enter the ULTIMATE X CHALLENGE and what’s on offer?


It’s FREE!!!!

Complete x 5 races and you will get a special ULTIMATE X CHALLENGE  t-shirt.

Complete x 6 races and you will get a special ULTIMATE X CHALLENGE  t-shirt and a free celebration breakfast at the end of the season

Complete x 7 races and you will receive all the above plus:

  • entry on the ULTIMATE X CHALLENGE  Honour Board, and

  • an ULTIMATE X CHALLENGE  2021/22 series Trophy

There will be a variety of other products and giveaways through the Ultimate X Challenge.


Anything else I need to know for the challenge?


Yes, you have to complete the races, just entering is not enough. Each race must be completed and then it will be added to your score of finishes.


Between the 7 races there are:

  • 3 Australian World Championship Qualifying Events

  • 2 TWA WA State Championship Events

  • TWA Interclub races series events

  • 3 TWA TOTY series Point score events


How do I enter the ULTIMATE X CHALLENGE?


Join up on the portal here ... it's FREE!

Choose your T-shirt size and importantly, the amount of races you are interested in doing.

You can also find links on the EXSSTRI and XTR Multisport and websites below.

How do I enter the EXSS Series?

Go to the website and enter the races.


How do I enter the XTR Series?

Go to the website and enter the races.


XTR Triathlon Club and Exceed Triathlon Club are inviting you to compete

in the toughest combination of Multisport races in Australia…


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